Wheatgrass Juice – Health benefits

Wheatgrass is derived from Triticumaestivu, newly sprouted leaves of wheat plant. It is considered as a superfood with amazing health benefits. Discover these health benefits as under:


  • Itis a powerhouse of iron, minerals and other nutrients. It helps in boosting immunity.

  • Helps in increasing haemoglobin levels as it is rich in vitamins like A,C & E.

  • Being rich in antioxidants, it helps fight free radicals preventing cell damage and reducing oxidative stress. This helps to protect body from diseases like cancer, heart ailments and other inflammatory diseases.

  • Helps in maintaining skin elasticity and rejuvenating the cells. Slows down the ageing process as it is rich in enzymes & proteins.

  • Aids digestion by detoxifying your body.

  • Wheatgrass is the best when it comes to controlling fluctuating sugar levels.

  • Keeps a check on your weight by improving rate of metabolism.

  • Improves the function of Thyroid gland as it has abundance of the mineral selenium.

  • Prevents tooth decay and helps in curing sore throat.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!!!

Winter Self Care Tips

Winters, the cool season, is around the corner. The seasonal changes are accompanied by longer hours of darkness&lower temperatures thus minimizing our social and physical activities. Here are a few simple winter self-care tips to protect your health in winters.

• Get good sleep, take naps when tired and keep yourself warm with extra clothing while sleeping. Adequate sleep helps boost the immunity that helps to avoid minor infections like cold & flu.

• Keep yourself warm, cover up your body with extra clothes. Woolen clothes, scarves, gloves, etc. can help in keeping your body warm.

• Have seasonal food rich in Vitamin A, C, D& E for good immunity. Add spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric to your daily diet.

• Moderate exercising can boost your blood circulation and energy level. It can help to keep your body warm.

• Winters can make your skin flaky & dry. Always keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Avoid bathing with extremely hot water as it tends to take away natural moisturizers from the skin.

• Drink enough water though we tend to feel less thirsty in winters. Staying hydrated helps to maintain a balance between your intake and outtake.

• Wash your hands frequently to keep away from infections & viruses.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!!!

Celebrate Diwali in a Healthy way

The biggest festival of the year, the festival of lights is nearing and you can feel it already with the tempting smell of traditional delicacies, the lightings all around, everything makes up for the Diwali spirit. Everyone wants to celebrate and have fun during Diwali.


Following are a few tips to keep this spirit & celebration healthy:


1- Be mindful when having your favorite sweets & snacks. Enjoying the delicacies in smaller quantities & choosing healthier options will help you feel lighter & healthier.


2- Try to stay away from processed packed food. Make your own snacks by using healthy flours and by baking instead of frying the dishes.


3- To feel energetic & lively, stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water.

4- Avoid over-eating your favorite dishes. Manage what & how much you eat, have small portions of whatever you consume.


5- Be careful with firecrackers. With respiratory ailments going up, try to go for a cracker-less Diwali however if you can’t do they at least wear a mask to cover your mouth & nose.


5- Do not skip doing the physical activities/work-out to keep a check on your weight & health.


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, and have a wonderful Diwali celebration!!!

Mental Health Crisis

We all try to live our life practically when it comes to our physical as well as mental health. Physical health can be taken care of with medications but mental health demands more than medication which can be less effective over a time. With everyone trying hard to achieve a perfect life, the gap between one’s expectations and reality, the journey to achieve this dream can make it difficult to handle situations at times. When one rides this roller coaster of emotions, one also has to deal with stress and anxiety.People often go into denial mode, frustration when dealing with stress and anxiety. These factors lead to rise in mental health issues.


Lack of sensitiveness towards mental health, inability to communicate & share emotions, further aggravate the issues. These feelings gradually become intense and start effecting our everyday life & the quality of our life. This is where it attention & intervention is required. Unfortunately, in the current situation, there has been an alarming rise in the number of people with mental health issues. Mental health issues are real & exists like any other disease. Instead of understanding & helping people to deal with it, we tend to ignore it as mental health issues are rarely considered to be an issue.


We must understand that being a human, it’s okay to be wrong at times, and acceptance of the situation will make it easier to appreciate the present moment. We can always reach out to someone who can help. We need to pause & stop overthinking and spend a moment to consider& evaluate whether our negative actions are really worth it. Engaging in productive & self-care activities can help you live a happy and contented life.


Dengue – Quick Facts & Prevention

With Dengue cases rising, prevention of dengue has become more important as there is no vaccine or any specific treatment for Dengue. Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease caused by the transmission of the Dengue virus through bites of infected female mosquitoes.


• Fever & severe Headache
• Muscle & Joint Pain
• Skin Rashes
• Abdominal Pain
• Persistent Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Low Blood pressure


• Use mosquito repellent on exposed parts of the body
• Cover yourself with long sleeves clothes & pants
• Get rid of stagnant water keeping the surroundings clean & hygienic
• Spray insecticide in the corners of the room, under the bed & behind the curtains
• Increase water content for controlling the body temperature

Dieting Myths

There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to diet. Check out these interesting facts on dieting myths:

Myth 1 – Skipping breakfast is a good way to lose weight

Skipping breakfast makes you reach out for high-fat, high-calorie snacks. People who eat breakfast in fact maintain a healthy weight than those who do not have their breakfast.

Myth 2 – Food Restrictions

Food isn’t the problem for losing weight, it is the type of food and the quantity of food that matters. Making small changes that one can stick to in long run is the key to a healthy diet. You can control your appetite by having small healthy meals frequently throughout the day.

Myth 3 – Carbohydrates Are Fattening = FALSE

Carbohydrate foods like rice, pasta & bread are often labeled as fattening. Rice, pasta, and bread are low in fat and are actually low in calories and high in fiber thus very filling. It is when we overeat these foods and diverge from our limits that they can be no good for us.

Myth 4 – Starving is the best to lose weight

Starving isn’t healthy, we make our body suffer in long term. It may result in loss of essential nutrients and minerals required by the body eventually. Excessive starving can affect one mentally and physically. One can end up gaining more fat as the metabolism tends to slow down. 

Myth 5 – Drinking water helps you lose weight

One should drink enough water as much as one’s body needs to stay hydrated. Drinking excessive water won’t trigger weight loss specifically.

Myth 6 – You can eat anything after exercising

It is essential to both workout and eat right for successful weight loss. Exercising is important but to lose weight you need to have a healthy diet. 

Myth 7 – You will gain weight if you eat before bed

Weight depends on what & how much one eats. If we eat more calories than what we burn irrespective of whatever time we eat it.

Making small changes that can be implemented in long run can help in successful weight loss.


(quotes Are in Sanskrit)

1. AjeerneBhojanamVisham
If previously taken Lunch is not digested, taking Dinner will be equivalent to taking Poison. Hunger is one signal that the previous food is digested.

2. ArdharogahariNidhraa
Proper sleep cures half of the diseases.

3. MudhgadhaaliGadhavyaali
Of all the Pulses, Green grams are the best. It boosts Immunity. Other Pulses all have one or the other side effects.

4. BagnaasthiSandhaanakaroRasonaha
Garlic even joins broken Bones.

5. AthiSarvathraVarjayeth
Anything consumed in Excess, just because it tastes good, is not good for Health. Be moderate.

6. NaasthimoolamAnoushadham
There is No Vegetable that has no medicinal benefit to the body.

7. Na VaidhyahaPrabhuraayushaha
No Doctor is Lord of our Longevity. Doctors have limitations.

8. ChinthaaVyaadhiPrakaashaya
Worry aggravates ill health.

9. VyayaamaschaSanaihiSanaihi
Do any Exercise slowly. Speedy exercise is not good.

10. AjavathcharvanamKuryaath
Chew your Food like a Goat. Never Swallow food in a hurry. Saliva aids first indigestion.

11. SnaanamNaamaManahprasaadhanakaramDhuswapnaVidhwasanam
Bath removes Depression. It drives away Bad Dreams.

12. Na SnaanamAacharethBhukthvaa
Never take Bath immediately after taking Food Digestion is affected

13. NaasthiMeghasamamThoyam
No water matches Rainwater in purity.

14. AjeerneBheshajamVaari
Indigestion can be addressed by taking plain water.

15. SarvathraNoothanamSasthamSevakaannePuraathanam
Always prefer things that are Fresh.
Old Rice and Old Servant need to be replaced with new. (Here what it actually means in respect of Servant is: Change his Duties and not terminate.)

16. NithyamSarvaaRasaabhyaasaha
Take complete Food that has all tastes viz: Salt, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Astringent and Pungent.

17. JataramPoorayedhardhamAnnahi
Fill your Stomach half with Solids, a quarter with Water and rest leave it empty.

18. BhukthvopaVisathasthandraa
Never sit idle after taking Food. Walk for at least half an hour.

19. KshuthSaadhuthaamJanayathi
Hunger increases the taste of food.
In other words, eat only when hungry.

20. ChinthaaJaraanaamManushyaanaam
Worrying speeds up aging.

21. SathamVihaayaBhokthavyam
When it is time for food, keep even 100 jobs aside.

22. SarvaaDharmeshuMadhyamaam
Choose always the middle path. Avoid going to extremes in anything


Do It Yourself – How to Detect Food Adulteration

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. Food adulteration is the process of adding or combining unwanted, poor quality, harmful, unnecessary substances to the food with similar colour and texture for making profits. Food adulteration is a serious threat to consumers, and its impact ranges from relatively harmless to fatal.

Here is a list of some tests you can do today at home.

Common adulterants:


  • Refrigerate coconut oil for 30 minutes. Coconut oil freezes; any other adulterant will remain on top as a separate layer.
  • Put a drop of milk on a slanting surface. Pure milk either stays or flows slowly leaving a trail behind. Adulterated milk will flow immediately without leaving a mark.

  • Move a magnet through your flour, tea powder to check for iron fillings.

  • When burned in a small spoon, asafoetida burns like camphor, if adulterated it will not produce a bright flame.

  • In a glass of water add few drops of honey. Pure honey will not disperse in water, if the drops of honey disperse in water, it indicates the presence of added sugar.

  • Add some amount of black pepper to a glass of water, pure black pepper settles at the bottom. In adulterated black pepper, papaya seeds float on the surface of the water.

  • Rub a small amount of cumin seeds on palms. If palms turn black, adulteration is indicated.

  • Put a teaspoon of chili powder in a glass full of water. If the water changes color to red and earthy then the chili powder is adulterated.

  • Fake noodles are made with rotten grain and poisonous additives. Sometimes they are even made up of plastic.

  • Take a blade and scratch the surface of the apple. Wax comes out if wax polishing has been done.

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